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Welcome to WWR's School Counseling Page.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

We meet with each homeroom once a month.  During this time we focus on academic, social/emotional, and career skills.  One of our major focuses is the Kelso's Choices problem solving model.  It teaches students about the difference between big and small problems as well as how to go about solving their own small problems.  We will also go over friendship skills, respecting differences, making healthy choices, study skills, safety, and career development.

Small Groups

Small groups are a good way to work with students who have similar needs.  The groups generally meet for 6 - 8 weeks and usually occur during lunch time.  Social skills, self-control, study skills, family changes, and coping strategies are a few of the topics we may address in a small group setting of 2 to 8 students.  We will seek parental permission if a small group is recommended for a child.


Some students may need more individual support to help them with a specific area of concern.  We welcome referrals from school staff, parents, and community agency personnel.  Older students will be able to send us a "counselor note" if they would like to speak with us.

By Megan J. Knitter

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